Time-Outs and Self-Exclusions

Time-Out – If you want to take a short break from gambling with us, you can do so by taking a Time-Out for a period of time ranging between 24 hours and 6 weeks.

After you have confirmed your Time-Out period, you will no longer have access to your GentingBet account.  You will be unable to reactivate your account during this period, however, once the set time period has expired, your account will automatically re-open.

If you wish to impose an account Time-Out or have any queries, please visit our Time Out feature within the Gambling Limits section of your account. Alternatively, please contact our Customer Services Team by clicking the Live Chat button or emailing support@gentingbet.com


Self-Exclusion –  If you feel that you have any gambling related issues or concerns or believe that you may have a gambling problem, we would advise considering the use of our Self-Exclusion option.  This will restrict account access with GentingBet for a a term of 6 months minimum to 5 years.  

Please Note - For our customers registered under our MGA licence, a self-exclusion from GentingBet can be for a definite or indefinite period of time.

What happens when you self-exclude?

During any period of Self-Exclusion you will not be able to access your account and therefore cannot be used for betting and gambling.  You will also be unable to create any new account.  

Should you wish to self-exclude, we will remove you from our marketing databases automatically and we would also suggest that you remove GentingBet from your email notifications and delete/uninstall all GentingBet apps as well as blocking/unfollowing GentingBet social media accounts.

If you wish to Self-Exclude, please visit our Self Exclusion feature within the Gambling Limits section here. 

Alternatively, please contact our 24/7 Customer Support Team via either of the below methods:

Live Chat: click on the 'live chat' button located in the bottom-right corner of this window*

Email: submit a request here

(*if the live chat button is not displaying in the bottom-right corner of this window then please click here)


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