Enhanced Verification


Why do we need to know more?

We have a legal obligation to establish that the money being spent is legitimate, particularly when large volumes are being transacted. This doesn't mean you're suspected of anything untoward; we just need to be confident that any funds exchanged in our online casino are not a cause for concern.

More over as industry professionals, we understand more than most that issues can arise around gambling. We want all our customers to play in a safe and responsible manner and within their means. This Responsible Gambling section has been created to provide you and all our customers with information and tools to help control your gambling, including where to get help and advice if required.


What information could I be asked for?

We may need you to provide documentary evidence of your ID such as a passport or driving licence along with proof of address. In addition, as a high value customer, you may also have been asked for details on your occupation to help us gain a better understanding of your personal circumstances.

Furthermore, if you are playing with significant amounts of cash, we may at some point need you to confirm where the funds have come from.

We want to reassure you that this is a legal requirement and therefore no reflection on you, it's simply a measure we need to take to ensure all our customers are playing in a safe environment.


Would this information be shared with anyone else?

ln accordance with our data protection policy, rest assured that this information will be held in the strictest confidence and will not be shared with any other organisations. Please review our Privacy Policy here.

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